Chocolate Fundraiser Info

It's that time of year again!  Time for the World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser!


  • Each box contains 30 items; $2 per item
  • Parental permission required
  • Checks payable to: Alice Ponder PTA


  • Sell one box; get an ice cream treat and your name in a drawing to win a 5 lb. chocolate bar!
  • Sell two boxes: be in a drawing to be the Pumpkin King & Queen of the Ponder Pumpkin Party. (This includes a wristband that allows unlimited games and activities during the festival and pizza and drinks for the royal family!)
  • Students can also win a video game truck party!  
  • Top Seller:  $200 Gift Card of your choice. 
  • Top Selling Class:  5 lb. chocolate bar


  • No chocolate may be returned to the school for any reason.
  • Only one box at a time may be checked out unless paid for up front.
  • All money must be turned in by 09/30/19 to be eligible for prizes. 


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