Wonderful First Week/Changes For Week Two

We've completed our first week back-to-school at Ponder Elementary!

Thank you for everyone's cooperation as we do our best to establish routines for our Ponder Panthers.We know the drop-off and pick-up lines aren't as fast as Chick-Fil-A, but we're all doing our best!

Please remember drop-off and pick-up are in the back of the school.  Buses only in the front. 

Beginning August 19, 2019, parents will have to bring ID and sign in through the office to be able to walk your child to their classroom at 7:45.  Parents will no longer be able to walk their child to their classroom without signing in through in the office. 

Our number one priority is keeping our students safe.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

We look forward to week two!  P-O-N!

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