Stefani Wallace Named Ponder’s Teacher of the Year!
Teacher standing in front of marquee

Hats off to Stefani Wallace, Ponder's Beloved Art Teacher, for being named Teacher of the Year for Alice Ponder Elementary School!

After graduating from the University of North Texas, Wallace began her career as an educator at Alice Ponder Elementary, and it was the perfect fit!  Wallace has been an educator for 13 years and has impacted thousands of students. Students leave Alice Ponder with a love of art and the confidence to create and share their cherished pieces. This is no easy task!

Mrs. Wallace shares her love of art through the hallways of Ponder Elementary. During the year of COVID-19, her art spreads a little sunshine to everyone! 

If there has ever been an event at Ponder Elementary, Mrs. Wallace has provided the decorations or the creative ideas behind it.  From school dances, parent nights, pep rallies, and more--Mrs. Wallace willingly gives her time and energy to make things just perfect for our Ponder Panthers. 

In addition to being an art teacher, Mrs. Wallace hosts the KEEPS program for Alice Ponder Elementary, providing support to incoming teachers.

Art class is always something to look forward to at Ponder Elementary for both in-person and virtual students.  She goes beyond the call of duty to help our VLA students keep up with their learning. 

When asked about her award, Mrs. Wallace said that she felt honored simply to be on the ballot with other distinguished educators. 

Her words: In all honesty, you all deserve TOY this year! It’s been such a hard, stressful, and challenging year for us all-please believe me when I say-you are all amazing and all deserve this recognition.  

Congratulations, Mrs. Wallace! We thank you for all you do for Ponder Elementary! Students and staff alike appreciate the joy your art brings. 


Teacher with mask pushing cart

Pictured above is Mrs. Wallace with her "Art Cart." During this unprecedented school year, many teachers have made adjustments from their regular routine and way of teaching to help stop the spread of COVID-19.